International Christian and Interdenominational association of the XXI century

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Dear friends!

Association of non-profit organizations of the spiritual development of the personality "International Christian Interfaith Movement of the XXI century" is opening branches in the regions of Russia.

Branches are founded to promote international Christian interfaith cooperation in spheres of spiritual development of the individual and society, culture and art, as well as for other socially useful purposes. The branch interacts with government, non-profit, public and religious organizations in Russia, the CIS countries and abroad regarding the aspects of its activities aimed at: spreading universal values, Christian morals and ethics; at invitation of foreign citizens in order to share experiences; at foundation of educational, spiritual and educational institutions;  at implementation of publishing and printing, printing and promotional activities; at the establishment of media, production and distribution of newspapers, magazines and other printed materials, as well as audio and DVD- video products having spiritual, moral and (or) Christian content; at meetings, conferences, seminars, lectures, symposia, round tables, festivals, concerts, exhibitions and other events; at opening of rehabilitation centers for people with chemical addictions (alcoholism, drug addiction, etc.), for persons released from imprisonment; at opening social accommodations for persons of no fixed abode, boarding (boarding) for persons with disabilities (the elderly, the disabled). Engagement in other activities in the framework of the statutory activities of the Association.

For those interested in cooperation, please contact at: +7 9266600572;       


With best regards, Victor Meleshuk, President of the Association "ICIM of the XXI century"